NBA Discovers Michael Jordan, Dressed As Klay Thompson, Actually Scored the 37 Quarter Points

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OAKLAND – After Shooting Guard Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors scored an amazing 37 points in the 3rd quarter against the the Sacramento Kings, it was discovered that It was not actually Klay Thompson who scored the record breaking 37 points in the 3rd quarter—it was actually the one and only Michael Jordan.

The 37 points in the quarter shattered George Gervins record of most points in a single quarter with 33. Shortly after the Warriors’ win, witnesses say they saw what appeared to be Klay Thompson taking off his face, which was a mask, revealing to actually be Michael Jordan disguised as Klay Thompson. The NBA will fine the Golden State Warriors $100,000 for allowing someone to play that is not on the Warriors roster.

“I couldn’t believe it” says Golden State fan Karina Estevez, “My seat was right by where the players leave to the locker room and I was peaking down the hallway when I saw Klay take off his mask and It was Michael Jordan under the mask, I cleaned my glasses to see If i was mistaken, but I wasn’t! It was actually MJ!”, finished Estevez. See the meme made below on the situation:MEM_GSW_178-web

The real question is, where was Klay Thompson? If it was actually Michael Jordan who scored the 37 points, where was the real Klay Thompson? It is suspected that the real Klay Thompson was at a family funeral. We will update you on Klay Thompson and Michael Jordan soon. Subscribe to for more daily news.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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