NASA Confirms UFO Flying Above California Is Indeed An Alien Named "Lil Mayo"

 LOS ANGELES – Panic and speculation spread Saturday night when a bright white light shot through the night skies in Southern California. Residents posted a flurry of videos on social media, together with theories of aliens or meteors. Others made panicked calls to law enforcement officials. But not to worry, NASA officials said it was only “Lil Mayo”, the popular alien who has recently taken over the Internet.

“It was only Lil Mayo turning up again like always” said Charles Bolden, the current administrator of NASA, “There is no surprise here, he is always turnt up extraterrestrial style, we love him” finished Bolden.

You have probably seen a Lil Mayo photo or video at least once. Lil Mayo is always seen “turning up” in his videos. Smoking, drinking, and even playing basketball, all on your newsfeed or timeline. But most recently, turning up in the reportedly seen UFO in the night sky of the Southern California area, however, it is no longer an Unidentified Flying Object, it is Lil Mayo. There is no need to be alarmed, ladies and gentleman.

Check out was going on inside Lil Mayo’s flying saucer in the video below, We sure wish we were there:

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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes