Nancy Grace In A Coma After Getting Beat In The Street By Angry Ultimate Warrior Fan!


NEW YORK CITY – Nancy Grace was beat into a coma right outside her ‘Nancy Grace’ show’s studio by an angry Ultimate Warrior fan this afternoon. Witnesses say she was almost beat to death in the middle of the street in front of hundreds of people and is now in a coma and being hospitalized in serious condition. The attacker, identified as Carson Hendricks, age 32, has been arrested for the assault.

After the sudden death of James Brian Hellwig, best known under ring name Ultimate Warrior and for his career with the WWF(Now WWE), TV show host Nancy Grace decided to interview Diamond Dallas Page(DDP), who is a former professional wrestler and friend of the Ultimate Warrior.

After the controversial interview, in which, Grace appeared to ignorantly blame steroids for the deaths of numerous deceased wrestlers and proceeded to speak about steroid use by the Ultimate Warrior, who did confess to have used Steroids years ago. Thousands of Ultimate Warrior and WWE fans have retaliated with anger, criticizing Grace for her “disrespectful interview”.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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