Mother is Suing Marvel For $50 Million Dollars After Son Died Jumping Out 6th Story Window After Waching 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'


PHILADELPHIA – Aaron Clinton, a 12 year old boy who was “obsessed with Spider-Man” died earlier today after jumping out his 6th story apartment window. His Mother, Cheryl Clinton is suing Marvel, the company that owns Spider-Man, for $50 Million Dollars.

Aaron’s Mother blames Spider-Man for her son’s death. “After seeing that movie yesterday, he became obsessed with Spider-Man and has been only talking about him since he saw the movie, It’s all Marvel’s fault for making kids think they can be superheroes.

The lawsuit was filed 3 hours after Aaron’s death. Aaron’s funeral will be held next week. Visit Huzlers.com daily for more news.



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