Mexican Marines Arrest Innocent Man Claiming As Reputed Drug Lord El Chapo


Family members of Gregorio Chavez are claiming he is the man currently under arrest by the government of Mexico and are falsely claiming him as famed drug lord Joaquin Guzman.

Claiming a bigger conspiracy in this whole ordeal Lorena wife of Gregorio claims men from CISEN [mexican cia] visited their home in Mazatlan on several occasions to offer monetary assistance to the entire family in exchange for Gregorio’s participation in a “Top secret program” only after her husband went missing several weeks ago did she began to worry he had been kidnapped but this morning she was shocked to realize he was the man being portrayed all over the media in Mexico as Joaquin Guzman. This wouldn’t be the first case of Mexican authorities falsely identifying reputed drug lords, just last June they arrested a man named Felix Beltran Leon and claimed he was “El Chapos” son only to later find out he had no relation whatsoever to Chapo.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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