Mexican Boy Arrested & Deported For Singing Rancheras At A Local Walmart Store

SAN ANTONIO – A 10 year old boy was arrested and later deported back to his home country of Mexico after police arrested him for allegedly “singing rancheras” at a local WalMart.

Javier Canales, 10, was performing his favorite ranchera songs at a local Walmart, similar to Mason Ramsey—the southern illinois boy who recently went viral for yodeling at another Walmart, when ICE agents arrived and arrested him. “Who let the kid from ‘Coco’ inside Walmart?”, ICE agents reportedly asked Walmart security, before escorting Javier outside.

According to witnesses, customers were actually enjoying the performance. However, that wasn’t enough for the authorities to not get involved, as they immediately arrested Javier for disorderly conduct.

Javier has since been deported to back to Mexico, along with his immediate family. For more updates and daily stories, subscribe to below!

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Written by David Martinez