Memorial Day Tragedy: White Man Arrested For Giving Out Unseasoned Food To Locals

CHICAGO – A white Chicago man has been arrested for serving unseasoned food to locals at Chicago’s lakefront on memorial day.

Larry Davis, 61, was arrested Memorial Day afternoon after reports that he was giving out “unseasoned food” to locals out on the lakefront. After multiple people notified the authorities of a man serving embarrassingly unseasoned food, 2 black police officers arrived and arrested Larry after deciding the food was horribly unseasoned. According to people who tried the food, Larry was serving unseasoned potato salad, unseasoned steak and chicken, as well as kool-aid with “barely any sugar”.

“The white man always trynna kill a brotha” said DaShawn Jefferson, “White people really can’t season food if their life depended on it, I had to call the police.” Although Larry was doing something nice for the community by giving away food, authorities say Larry was doing more bad than good. “Someone could’ve died” said CPD superintendent Eddie T. Johnson.

Larry was charged for Reckless endangerment and will be facing a judge later this week.

Written by David Martinez

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