Meek Mill Banned From Philadelphia


PHILADELPHIA – Meek Mill, who is taking way too long to drop his diss track, is getting his fans and all Philadelphia angry, and thus has been banned from entering the city of Philadelphia, his hometown. “Don’t tell me Meek weak as f*ck. He taking way too long” says a Philadelphia native, Andrew Johnson.

Johnson is a Meek Mill fan, or should we say “Was”. “Drake dropped some sh*t real quick. Meek always claim he from the streets this, and he had a rough childhood and he had roaches in his crib before and all that. Man we don’t wanna hear all that, all we wanna here is that diss track”, finished Johnson.

Michael Nutter, the mayor of Philadelphia, has banned Meek Mill from ever entering the city of Philadelphia. Nutter has ordered police to guard the borders to ensure Meek does not enter the city limits. Nutter has also order police to take lethal action if Meek Mill is spotted attempting to enter Philadelphia.

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