McDonald’s Manager Shoots Man For Putting Soda In His Free Water Cup

ATLANTA – It is being reported that An Atlanta man was shot inside a local McDonalds for apparently putting soda in his water cup. According to authorities, he was shot by the McDonalds restaurant manager.

Kyle Davis, 25, was shot multiple times by McDonald’s store manager Jerry Goldberg, 53, for asking for a water cup and instead putting soda in it. Kyle was shot 3 times and was taken to the nearest hospital. Medical staff say Kyle is expected to live. Jerry told authorities he was tired of people asking for free water cups and getting soda instead, and couldn’t take it anymore. “These N*ggas walk in here asking for a water cup and get sprite and sh*t, i said hell nah not this time”, said Jerry.

Authorities placed Jerry under arrest for attempted murder, although some officers agree with Jerry’s decision to shoot Kyle, “I would’ve done the same” said Officer Will Phillips, “A large McDonald’s drink is only 1 dollar and if you can’t pay that you deserve to be shot”.

The McDonald’s restaurant has since been closed temporarily as Jerry awaits trial.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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