Married Couple Commits Suicide After Their New Child Was Apparently Born "Too Ugly"

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DETROIT – A married couple has reportedly committed suicide earlier today after they had a child that was “too ugly”- that’s right, TOO UGLY. Aaron Hall, 26, and Samantha Hall, 27, have been married for 1 year after Samantha bore Austin Smith. A suicide note was left by the deceased couple which explained everything:

“With every letter, it’s get even harder to write. We love Austin, and it would be cruel to call him unappealing, but we can’t hide from the horrible truth. As much as it hurts us, we can’t be here to watch Austin suffer all his sad life because of his looks, Goodybe”.

The letter was recovered at the death scene in the family’s home. “I thought it was a shame at first”, says Investigator Paula Osaria, “But I’m sorry to admit that when I saw little Austin, I immediately understood the parents desire to leave this world”.

Austin Smith will be taken to an adoption center and be available for adoption soon.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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