Man Is Tackled And Arrested For Allegedly Wearing Fake Jordans (Read What Happened Next)

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PHILADELPHIA – A man was reportedly arrested by two police officers for wearing a pair of fake Air Jordan sneakers.

Malik Jordan, age 42, was unexpectedly tackled to the ground by two police officers, according to witnesses, they heard one of the officers scream “fake shoes”, which led people to believe the arrest was because of the mans fake sneakers.

One witness, Andrew Bryant, who just happened to be a “sneakerhead” told reporters “I heard one of the officers saying a few things but the only thing i heard clearly was “fake shoes”, then I looked at the mans shoes and they were fake as f*ck! they were like Space Jam 11’s ,but had some clear parts where you can see his socks underneath, it was pitiful, I said “lord forgive this man” and hopefully he did. I hope this dude learned his lesson though, Martin Luther King aint die for a brother to be walking around with fake J’s”.

Philadelphia Police quickly disposed of the mans sneakers upon arriving at the police station and gave Malik a brand new pair of “legit” Jordans. Malik told the officers he would never wear a fake pair of Jordans again and that he was sorry.

Reporters were also able to ask one of the officers why he decided to arrest the man with fake Jordans, one of the officers responded with simply “Our job is to keep our streets clean, and we were just doing our job”, Malik was quickly brought into jail and later posted at $10,000 bail, but unfortunately no family members or friends have came forward with bail money. For more news, subscribe to


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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