Man Shot And Killed By Police After Asking Officer "WHAT ARE THOSE?!"

 LOS ANGELES – It is being reported that 19 year old Gary Young was shot and killed by a LAPD officer after allegedly asking the officer “WHAT ARE THOSE!” while pointing at his feet.

“WHAT ARE THOOOSE” is a newly popular phrase which originated from an Instagram video where a man is also asking a police officer “WHAT ARE THOSE!”, referring to his shoes. Although, not appearing to be a big deal, the phrase is actually an insult translating to “your shoes are so ugly and unknown, that we have no idea what they are”, hence “WHAT ARE THOSE!”

Upon asking the officer, the officer drew his Gun and fired 3 shots at Gary, Killing him. Gary was pronounced dead at the scene by medics who arrived a few minutes later. The officer was also arrested for first degree murder. Gary’s funeral will be held next week. The officer, who’s name is Henry Trent, will be tried for first degree murder.

Authorities are warning people not to say the phrase to anyone they don’t personally know for the fear of that person feeling very insulted and take action.

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