Man Reportedly Freed by Police After Friend Commented “Free My N*gga” on Facebook

CHICAGO – Police have reportedly freed a man from jail after they supposedly saw a comment on their facebook post made by a friend of the man saying “free my n*gga”

Derek Ericson, 23, was released from jail by Chicago police Wednesday morning after a friend of Derek’s commented “free my n*gga” on a facebook post made by CPD on their page. The person in charge of running the CPD facebook account showed other officers the comment and within a few hours Derek was a free man.

Derek was arrested last week for robbing a local corner store at gunpoint and was awaiting trial at the time he was freed. “We just thought it would be funny if one of those ‘Free my friend’ comments actually worked, so we decided to make it a reality free Mr. Ericson, we all agreed it would be a funny store to tell in the future”, said CPD superintendent Eddie Johnson. “I owe him”, said Derek upon being released, referring to his friend who commented on CPD’s facebook page.

Written by David Martinez