Man kills friend for calling his girlfriend ugly via Instagram questions thinking it was anonymous

NEW ORLEANS – 23 year old Jason Johnson is facing murder charges after he allegedly shot and killed his friend Steven Daniels, aged 22, for calling his girlfriend ugly via Instagram’s new question option. Jason told authorities Steven admitted he thought the asker would remain anonymous, before he killed him.

Steven Daniels reportedly asked Jason via Instagram, “why you girl so damn ugly boi💀🤦‍♂️”, while thinking he would remain anonymous. However, Instagram reveals to the user who’s asking every single question. Jason later confronted Steven for calling his girlfriend ugly, at which point Steven admitted he thought it was anonymous. Jason then shot and killed steven.

“Instagram out here killing n*ggas” said Jacob Daniels, Steven’s brother, “Instagram owe me a brother”, he finished.

Authorities are warning Instagram users to not ask or comment anything offensive on Instagram as the asker does not remain anonymous. Authorities are also blaming Instagram for not stating the questions are not anonymous. Authorities warn to be careful.

Written by David Martinez


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