Man Killed In House Fire After His SouljaPod Earphones Bursted Into Flames

HOUSTON – A Houston man, 26, was reportedly killed in a fire Saturday morning after his entire home caught burned down. According to authorities, the cause of the fire was a pair of Souljapods that overheated while charging.

Tayson Johnathan, 26, was pronounced dead Saturday morning after authorities received a call of a large house fire “in the hood”. Although firefighters were able to pull Tayson out his burning home and put out the fire, he was pronounced dead 30 minutes later due to severe burns all over his body. Authorities say the cause of the fire was a pair of Souljapod earphones—Rapper Soulja Boy’s chinese knockoff of Apple’s Airpod earphones. The Souljapods overheated while charging and caught fire, spreading across the entire home.

Authorities also say they discovered large quantities of burned illegal drugs in the home, making to believe Tayson was a drug dealer and his home what they call a “trap house”, a house used for the sale of illegal drugs. “This was what they call a trap house”, says Houston firefighter Greg Mechka, “Tayson was a drug dealer and we thank Soulja Boy for single handedly taking this man down and making Houston a slightly better place today, he is a hero”.

Authorities are warning people to not use Soulja Boy’s Souljapods, as they can catch fire any second. “Do not even throw them away” says National Health Service agent Jan Rose, “they can catch fire in your garbage can, you must throw them in the nearest body of water or bury them”. Although warning people of the use of the Souljapods, the NHS is encouraging wanted criminals to use them, otherwise steer clear from Souljapods.

Written by David Martinez


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