Man Holds Chipotle Employees Hostage While He Eats All The Guacamole!


SEATTLE – Seattle police officers had to shoot and nearly kill 45 year old Kenneth Willhelm, after he allegedly took 5 Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant employees hostage while he ate all the guacamole.
Kenneth Willhelm was shot 2 times by Seattle police after taking Nicolas Rodriguez hostage at gunpoint. According to witnesses who were present at Chipotle when Kenneth took Nicolas hostage, Kenneth was done ordering a steak burrito when he finally decided to ask for guac. Nicolas then went to tell Kenneth that he had to pay extra money for the guac, causing Kenneth to become infuriated, take out his gun, jump behind the ordering counter, and take Nicolas as hostage while eating all the guacamole that was available and saying: “Do I have to pay for the guac now huh? Do I lil n*gga? I don’t think so f*ckboy”.

Police arrived at the scene within a few minutes after Kenneth took Nicolas hostage, thanks to the people present notifying the authorities. The police had a 19 minute standoff with Kenneth, until they finally managed to shoot Kenneth and free Nicolas from Kenneth. After being shot in the arm and shoulder, Kenneth dropped his weapon and fell to the floor, while simultaneously letting Nicolas go. Police officers then arrested Kenneth and rushed him to the nearest hospital to be treated for his gunshot wounds. Take a look at a this security camera snap of the hostage taking place below:


“All that for guac” says Officer Ryan Fernandez, “But at the same time, I understand Kenneth because I agree that guac should be free, always” finished Officer Fernandez. Kenneth Willhelm will be charged for holding Nicolas hostage after he has been treated for his gunshot wounds. Subscribe to for news and updates straight to your email.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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