Man Doing ‘Bird Box Challenge’ Gets Jumped And Mugged In Hood #BirdBoxChallenge

Netflix’s new horror film “Bird Box” has people online attempting a new kind of challenge: going around blindfolded. The movie has spawned the internet sensation known as the #BirdBoxChallenge, with some people poking fun at the film.

Anthony Hanes tried to do the challenge himself and ended up in a drug dealing neighbor hood know robberies. Anthony says all he remembers is someone screaming “WORLD STAR!!” as he was attacked and robbed by criminals. No one has yet been arrested but Anthony Hanes told police he knew it was a bad idea.

In the movie, Sandra Bullock’s character is forced to wear a blindfold in order to keep monsters away as she navigates spooky woods and a dangerous river while trying to save her children. Spoiler alert they also get robbed and mugged at the end.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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