Man Arrested After Showing Officer “Finger Circle” When Asked For His License & Registration

CHICAGO – A Chicago man has been arrested after he was pulled over by Chicago police and allegedly showed the officer the “finger circle” when asked for his license and registration.

Pablo Garcia, 23, was pulled over by Chicago police on Lake Shore Drive on New Year’s eve afternoon for reportedly driving with his car’s interior light on for too long. According to police, upon asking Pablo for his license and registration, Pablo allegedly reached into his pocket to pull out his wallet, but instead pulled his hand out to reveal the “finger circle”, a very popular hand game that has no clear origin, and is played by making a circle with your thumb and index finger and then placed below the waist like this:

If someone looks at the finger circle, you are allowed to hit that person or simply feel the pleasure of having tricked that person into looking at it.

After showing the officer the finger circle, the officer punched Pablo in the face and pulled him from inside his vehicle and arrested him for obstruction. “My whole life i’ve been tricked into looking at that thing” said the CPD officer who arrested Pablo, “I was tired of that damn circle. Back in middle school some kid knocked me out because I looked at it”.

Pablo will reportedly spend New Year’s day inside jail until his $5000 bail is paid.


Written by David Martinez


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