Logan Paul Apologizes For Controversial Unboxing Video

Los Angeles – The popular youtuber Logan Paul is in hot waters again, and had to issue another apology after a controversial unboxing video, The Hard Times reports.

Apparently, he opened up a casket in a local cemetery, in a video titled “UNBOXING IN GRAVEYARD (SAVAGE)”.

The video was removed by Youtube’s team around 2 hours after being uploaded, since it literally showed the Youtuber in Westwood Village Memorial Park in California, digging up a casket and opening it with his friends.

“Woah check out this killer swag,” said Paul, “So, we got a dude inside who looks like he hasn’t hit the gym in years. What’s up, bro? What’s with those skinny arms, bro?”

Paul removed the body from the casket, lifted it and shouted “Get it? DEAD-Lifting!”, while playing Despacito.

Two hours later, he issued an apology on Twitter:

“Let’s start with this. I’m sorry. Again. I never meant to offend anybody when I posted a video where I unbox a coffin, check out the cool collectibles inside, take out the corpse, and deadlift it. LOL! Sorry, just remembering that joke. Fuckin’ classic. Anyway, all I wanted to do was raise awareness about death, which is a very serious issue because if you are dead you can’t like and subscribe. #logang #maverick”

[Via: 8Shit]


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