Lil Xan Has Been Released From The Hospital Again After He Continued To Eat Hot Cheetos, Hot Cheetos Will Betray You

Lil Xan has said he needed to go to hospital on Monday after eating too many Hot Cheetos.

The Total Xanarchy rapper posted a message to his five million followers on Instagram after being discharged.

“I was in hospital not due to any drugs, but I guess I ate too many Hot Cheetos,” he said with a laugh.”

But he didn’t learn his lesson he went home and opened up a large bag of hot Cheetos, He was found unconscious with hot Cheetos falling out his mouth his friends immediately called for an ambulance sources say he will be okay but will remain in a motorized wheelchair for a few months speaking via computer like theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.

He said in a computer voice “Hot Cheetos will betray you”


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