Lil Terio Rewarded A Statue That Will Be Located In Times Square By NAAFA

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), which is a non-profit organization that focuses on ending all kinds of discrimination against obese individuals, has recently submitted their final designs for a statue that will be built, where? None other than Times Square in Manhattan, New York City.

The NAAFA chose the statue to honor internet sensation Terio, who first recieved major publicity through mobile app “Vine”. take a look at the video posted below to get an idea of who he is.

Terio appears to be an overweight child who is frequently seen dancing in his videos. He has also been credited with coining the term “ooh kill em”.

The statue will stand at a towering 25 feet and will be made of mostly Bronze. The NAAFA have been asked why they chose Terio and have responded with “Why not? Everybody loves Terio right? We consider Terio a hero for being so overweight but still managing to achieve success, And that’s what we love seeing”. The NAAFA did not give permission for the designs to be revealed and instead said “We want it to be a surprise, we want everyone to see it for the first time when the masterpiece is finished”. It has also been reported that the statue will include a giant gold sign that reads “ooh kill em'”. The statue will also be accompanied by giant stereos that will play “ooh kill em” everyday at noon loud enough to be heard from 5 city blocks away. The stereos will also be named “sTERIOS” in reference to Terios name. Residents of Midtown, Manhattan have been asked what they thought of the future statue. A local resident who has lived in the area for 2 years now said “I cant wait until it’s done,I would love to see Terio everyday when i go to work, I will take my family to the site and teach my kids who the stud is”.

The statue is said to be completed “In the not to distant future” and will cost an estimated $500,000 U.S. dollars to build. According to the NAAFA, Terio does not know of the statue yet and hope he doesn’t find out until it’s finished.