Lil Tay Rushed To Hospital After Being Beat By Group Of Children At A Playground

LOS ANGELES – It is being reported that the internet famous 9 year old ‘Lil Tay’ has been admitted to the ER after she was allegedly beat savagely by a group of children while she played at a local playground.

According to a witness, Noah Parsons, who was walking by the park and recognized one of the girls playing at the park as being Lil Tay, he asked for a photograph. Other children also playing at the park asked why as they didn’t know Lil Tay was famous. According to Noah, he then showed all the children a video of Lil Tay from her Instagram page when all of a sudden they began beating Lil Tay. “I guess they found her annoying” said Noah. The group of children and their respective parents then fled the playground. It is believed that there was about 5 children age ranged 7-12 involved in the assault.

Police say Lil Tay was actually alone at the park with no legal guardian, which police will soon investigate. “Well the little girl was annoying“, said Dr. Patrick Low, A Dr. who along with multiple nurses took a look at Lil Tay, “I don’t feel bad for her one bit haha, by the way i honestly thought it was the little asian girl from Rush Hour Su Yung”.

Lil Tay was responsive and able to be treated effectively, she is said to be able to leave the hospital in a few days.


Written by David Martinez