Lil Pump Reportedly Scores 142 On IQ Test, Making Him A “Genius”

FLORIDA – According to reports, rapper Lil Pump recently completed a mensa IQ test at a local Florida college, and scored a shocking 142, surpassing the score of 140, which is considered to be the “Genius” score. To give you an idea of how high that is, the average score for mensa IQ tests are between 90 – 109.

Gazzy Garcia, or Lil Pump as he is known, isn’t considered by many to be a bright individual, primarily because of the style of rap he performs, what hip-hop fans call “mumble rap”. Mumble rap is a style of rap in which lyricism isn’t paid too much attention to, but rather the beat and flow. Lil Pump, one of the many new mumble rappers who have recently emerged, fell victim to the stereotype of being “stupid”, however his IQ score tells a different story.

“Esketit!”, Lil Pump shouted to Huzlers reporters, “I’m not actually retarded, I just act like that, that’s just my act. People are attracted to people who act stupid. I also realized hoes are attracted to young crackheads, that’s why I like doing Lean, xans, and other shit. I’m not going to lie though, I guessed on like 80% of that IQ test and i was off the lean, ESKETIT”, finished Lil Pump.

Although admitting he guessed on 80% of the IQ test, experts laughed it off and took is as a joke. Perhaps Lil Pump is the person the youth of America need?


Written by David Martinez