Lil Nas X Revealed He Is Gay; Old Town Road Was Not About Horses

ATLANTA – Lil Nas X formally known as Nas Maraj has revealed he is indeed gay on the last day of pride month via Twitter. The LGTBQ community who was well aware of the Atlanta rapper sexual preferences well before his rise to fame has finally managed to push him to admit he is gay and be proud of it.

We have taken the time to decode “Old Town Road” the controversial song that has been #1 topping charts week after week.

In the hit “Old Town Road” a few verses have subliminal messages like “I got the horses in the back” he is talking about long meat from the back. Another line is “I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more.” this one is obvious. “Cheated on my baby you can go and ask her” his ex-girlfriend once said she was suspicious about him because of his tweets and calling male celebrities sexy on twitter. She believed he was gay for a long time.


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