LeBron James Retires From NBA; Says NBA Is Corrupt


CLEVELAND – After Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors succeeded in claiming the NBA championship over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavalier Tuesday night, LeBron James having lost four times in the NBA finals, has announced his retirement from the NBA because he claims it is “corrupt”.

Perhaps the most hated NBA player of all time, LeBron James has made it to the NBA finals a total of six times, and while winning two NBA finals with the Miami Heat, has lost in four NBA finals. LeBron announced his retirement Wednesday afternoon. LeBron James claims that he cannot take the stress of losing and the “corruptness of the NBA”.

LeBron led people to believe that NBA match ups are fixed by telling reporters: “It’s corrupt, it’s corrupt, that’s all I’m going to say, I got nothing else to say, it’s corrupt, bye”.

No other player has came forward to reveal the alleged corruptness of the NBA which also leads people to believe LeBron is just making excuses; nonetheless, LeBron has retired from the NBA. We will bring you more news as the story develops.




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