Kylie Jenner To Become A Man In The Months To Come In Honor Of Her Father Caitlyn Jenner

kylieLOS ANGELES – A few weeks after Bruce Jenners’ transition from a man to a woman named Caitlyn Jenner. It was only a matter of time before Kylie Jenner began her transition from an unnatural young lady to an even more unnatural man, and that day has finally come. Kylie Jenner has exclusively revealed to Huzlers reporters that she wants to become a man, in fact Kylie Jenner’s first surgery will be August 4, 2015, and it will be to attach a donated penis to her private area. Kylie also desires to be called Kevin Jenner, rather than Kylie Jenner.

“It’s the best way to honor my father and family, doing sh*t that will give us media attention is our thing” Kylie Jenner told Huzlers reporters. We have not yet heard from Kendall, Caitlyn, or Tyga, but we expect to hear from them very soon. Experts believe that Tyga will most likely not stop seeing Kylie because of his love for Transexuals. Subscribe to for updates straight to your email.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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