Kodak Black Arrested Again Just 1 Day After Being Released From Jail On Marijuana and Illegal Firearm Charges

FLORIDA – New reports show Florida rapper Kodak Black has been arrested again after only 1 day of being free from a 7 month jail sentence.

After serving 7 months in jail for 2 probation violations in Janurary 2018, Kodak Black was released from prison on August 17, 2018, right before being arrested the following day for possession of an illegal firearm and marijuana. Authorities say Kodak Black may face several years in prison for illegal narcotics and firearm while on probation, almost certainly putting his music career in jeopardy.

“That man can’t choose between having a successful rap career or jail, too hard of a choice” says officer Troy Murphy, who arrested Kodak, “It’s a shame”.

Kodak Black will be face to face with a judge sometime next week.

Written by David Martinez


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