Kim Kardashian’s KIMOJI App Made $1 Million In 1 Minute And Continues To Makes $100,000 A Day!


Kim Kardashian has been making it rain in the app store after reports surfaced that her KIMOJI app was making about a milli a minute according to The Standard UK reports:

Kimoji immediately took the top spot on the Apple App Store, but angry fans took to Twitter after the popularity of the app led to technical difficulties.

It was reported that there were allegedly 9,000 downloads per second at the height of download traffic, causing the App Store to crash, leaving many users disappointed.

Kimoji is pretty much what you’d expect from the name – a whole range of emojis related to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star including her famous Paper magazine shoot, her infamous swimsuit selfies, her contouring techniques and her most famous phrases. The app costs $1.99 to download and requires iOS 8.0 or later software. Kimoji can be used on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, though fans were displeased to learn it does not currently work on Instagram or Twitter.

Also controversial is that despite being able to text a picture of a pregnant profile and a Yeezy sneaker, there is no sign of Kanye, North or Saint West.

The KIMOJI apps still continues to make sales estimated at $100,00 a day since its launch back in December.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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