Ken Bone Arrested For Running Multi-Million Dollar Prostitution Ring From His Mothers Home


Ken Bone, the man in the red sweater who instantly became an internet sensation after asking a question at Sunday’s presidential debate, has been arrested after it was discovered he has been running a successful multi-million dollar prostitution ring from his mothers basement.

Ken Bone was running an illegal prostitution ring out of his mother’s home. After gaining so much popularity after going viral online many people recognized Kenneth Bone and a tip to local law enforcement lead them to his mother house where he ran a lucrative multi-million dollar prostitution ring.

Officer Timothy Brown said “I walked in and everything seemed normal but as police officers of the law and many reports we had to investigate the home completely and when I walked into the basement it was packed with b*d bitches, excuse my language” he also stated there was money everywhere like it was just paper.

Ken Bone was arrested soon after and is being held on a $100,000 bond for conspiracy but detectives say it is very clear what was going on at his mothers home and who was running the scheme. Police officers found trash bags full of cash. A Ferrari and Lamborghini in the backyard both registered to Ken Bone

It was very clear what was going on in this household said Sgt. William Haze.

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