Keaton Jones Uses Donation Money To Free His White Supremacist Father From Jail

Knoxville – Keaton Jones’ father, who has been serving a jail sentence since 2015, has been reportedly bailed out of jail with money that was donated to him after a video of him crying due to bullying went viral on Facebook.

Keaton Jones’ father, a supposed white surpremecist and skinhead who is currently serving a prison sentence since 2015 for violating parole, is now free. Thanks to the likes of his son Keaton and well, everyone who helped donate the $60k to Keaton via GoFundMe. “Maybe black people aren’t that bad.” says Keaton Jones father Shawn White as he walks a free man.

After the GoFundMe was closed a few days ago, Keaton and his family began being criticized for their alleged racism against blacks and confederate beliefs, with much of black twitter posting memes and sharing they regret donating to Keaton’s “cause”. But now it just might be worse knowing the donations of many kind black individuals were used to free a hateful, racist, white supremacist, ironic huh?



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