Kanye West Says Being Black Is A “Choice”; Plans To Bleach Skin

CALABASAS – “Being black is a choice”. Yup, that is what rapper Kanye West said in a small street interview outside his Calabasas home Saturday afternoon. Only another absurd statement that can be added to Kanye’s already large collection.

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Kanye and his absurd racial statements and support for Trump, Kanye is definetly on a role. “If y’all don’t like being black because you’re a victim of a racism, then you shouldn’t have chose to be black, i made the wrong decision so I’m going to turn white”, said Yeezy, who then went on to explain he was going to bleach his skin. We’re not sure if Kanye is only looking i impress Trump but it might certainly work.

Here’s an edited photograph of Kanye West and how he will look when he turns white:

Do you agree with Kanye’s statements? Is it a choice to be black? Tell us in the comment section below!

Written by David Martinez


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