Kanye West Regrets Having Daughter North, Saying "I Should've Pulled Out" (Read More)

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LOS ANGELES – It is being reported that rapper Kanye West allegedly stormed out of his $20 Million dollar mansion shouting: “I should’ve never had that kid, I should’ve pulled out, real talk”, very angrily. According to witnesses, there was loud baby cries coming from inside the mansion, which is believed to have come from none other than North West. Witnesses also confirm they heard very loud music coming from inside the mansion as well, which witnesses identified as music from his most recent album ‘Yeezus‘.

It is currently unknown exactly why Kanye West stormed out his mansion yelling awful things about his baby daughter, but it is believed to be simply because North wouldn’t stop crying, regardless of Kanye’s attempts. It is speculated that Kanye West played his Yeezus album to North in attempt to stop her sobbing, which would explain the loud music coming from inside the home. “Yeah I totally think he was trying to stop baby North from crying by blasting his Yeezus album. like, really? play the baby some lullabies for Christ’s sake, or even her Mothers sex-tape” says witness and paparazzo, Kelvin Hernandez.

After the rapper yelled “I should’ve pulled out”, witnesses say he walked back and forth for about a minute before heading back inside and shutting the door, it is also being said the music volume increased immensely after Kanye went back inside. Where was Kim Kardashian West? At the time, Kim was running errands and did not arrive home until 40 minutes after the whole scene had already ended (according to paparazzi). What do you think of Kanye West’s behavior? tweet “#WhatTheKanye” with your opinion on Twitter.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes