Kanye West And Kim K Banned From Attending Future Grammy Awards


LOS ANGELES – A few hours after the Grammy Awards finished, the Grammy Awards announced that Rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian have been forever banned from attending future Grammy Awards, but not banned from actually winning a Grammy award.

During a very gloomy Grammy Awards, the Internet perked up when Kanye West appeared to pull a Kanye West and stormed the stage in protest of Beyoncé not winning one of the biggest prizes of the night — album of the year — which went to Beck for “Morning Phase.” After the show, Kanye West proceeded to show his anger by saying “Beck should respect true artistry, and given his award to Beyonce”. Kanye West’s statements are very controversial, with people believing he and Kim Kardashian are very disrespectful.

It was Kanye’s first Grammy Award appearance since 2009, where he infamously interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech. However, the Grammys appeared to suck of Kanye West’s classless and disrespectful ways by banning him and Kim K from any future Grammy Awards, which by the way, is not a surprise. It is a very good move by the Grammys if you ask me; it is about time someone put Kanye West in his place. subscribe to huzlersmedia.mystagingwebsite.com for future updates and news stories.



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