Kanye West Announces He Wants To Be A Slave; Will Hold ‘Slave Master’ Auditions Soon

LOS ANGELES – It seems as though Kanye West cannot stay away from criticism, with thousands of fans showing their disapproval for his decision to support Donald Trump and recent political tweets, with the latest being him saying 400 years of slavery was a choice by slaves.

Kanye West has even gone as far enough as saying slavery must’ve not been that bad at all for slaves to “choose” to remain enslaved. And to go even further, Kanye has also announced that he plans to be a “slave” for a whole 3 months to prove his point. Kanye has also announced that he plans to hold auditions in Los Angeles soon to ensure that he hires the “perfect slave master”.

We are not sure if Kanye has just lost his mind completely at this point, but then again why aren’t we that surprised?

If you wish to audition to be Kanye’s new slave master, stay tuned and subscribe to huzlers.mystagingwebsite.com for future updates and information.

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Written by David Martinez


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