Judge Offers To Free XXXTentacion If He Agrees To Stop Making Music Forever

FLORIDA – Days after rapper XXXTentacion was hit with 8 new felony charges, making a total of 15, it seemed as though XXX would not make it out before serving years of prison. That is until the judge offered to free XXXTentacion and drop all charges if he agreed to stop making music for good.

Being held without bail and no longer with phone privileges, a judge gave XXXTentacion an ultimatum, whether he agrees to stop making music for good and all charges dropped, or remain in jail and most likely serve a prison sentence.

“If we can get him off the streets, good, but if we can get rid of his music, even better”, said the Judge on X’s case, “I certainly hope he accepts the offer, it’s a win/win for everybody if you ask me. I can’t stand his music, I heard it once and it made me want to ask my landlord for rent money”.

As you may know already, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, Aka XXXtentacion, was arrested October of 2016 for allegedly “beating the living sh*t” out of his then pregnant girlfriend, and was scheduled to appear in court December of this year. However 8 charges were later added to his already 7, reportedly all related to witness tampering.

That being said, should the “Look at Me” singer accept the deal? Is the judge wrong for the offer and obviously implying his music is no good? Let us know in the comment section below.


Written by David Martinez