Jr Smith Admits He Drank Hennessy During Halftime Of Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

CLEVELAND – Days after the controversial Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, Cavs guard Jr smith admitted that he was slightly drunk during the second half and overtime.

Everybody has heard about the Cavs final play of regulation, when George Hill missed his second free throw that could’ve gave his team a 1 point lead, which followed by Jr Smith getting the rebound and running out the clock rather than go for the last shot to win the game. The fury on Lebron James’ face said it all. But what happened? It is widely believed that Jr Smith though they were up by 1, but how can one make such a careless mistake?

“I was drunk as hell y’all i’m sorry, I wanna say sorry to the fans and Lebron, that henny go crazy and i thought hennything was possible”, said JR smith to reporters on Saturday. Jr Smith was apparently drinking Hennessy cognac during halftime, a drink that Jr Smith is apparently known for liking.

Although Jr Smith is incredibly stupid for getting tipsy during Game 1 of the NBA Finals, we have to admit that we’re slightly relieved that Jr was tipsy. “Would’ve been a lot worse if he wasn’t drinking” said Cavs coach Tyrone Lue who also already forgave Jr Smith, “If he was sober and that stupid, then we would have a problem”.

Teammates and locker room officials say they have no idea how Jr was able to take shots of henny during halftime with none of them noticing. “If there’s one thing Jr is good at, it’s drinking with nobody noticing, because it ain’t basketball.” said Lebron James.

NBA Officials are currently investigating Jr Smith and the cavaliers. For more updates and news, visit huzlers.mystagingwebsite.com daily.


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