Jay-Z Claims He Hasn’t Slept With Beyoncé In Over A Year; Says Twins Can’t be His

LOS ANGELES – Everyone has heard the recent news of Beyoncé being pregnant with twins, and naturally, everyone has assumed that husband Jay-Z will father the twins. However, according to a statement by Jay-Z, he has not slept with his wife Beyoncé in over a year.
Just when you though the news of Beyoncé having twins was a shocker, we’re hear to blow your mind even more. Jay-Z reportedly confessed to reporters that he hasn’t slept with his own wife for over a year. “Me and B haven’t had any sexual intercourse since i believe last years valentine’s day, I really can’t tell you how she’s pregnant with twins. I just rather ignore it and pretend she isn’t pregnant though, and it’s been working”, The rapper told reporters. Pretty bizarre situation. So if Jay-Z isn’t the father of the twins, who is?

After reporters asked Jay-Z who the father of the twins was, he responded with: “well i really couldn’t tell you who it is because i really don’t know myself, but she has been hanging out with that Chance the rapper character a lot lately, could be him. But i really don’t want no problem with him or any dread head n*ggas in my lobby for that matter”.

Don’t worry fellow readers, we are also trying to make sense of the whole situation, maybe we need to reach out to Maury? For more updates and news, visit Huzlers daily.


Written by David Martinez


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