Ice JJ Fish Arrested For Indecent Exposure!


YouTube sensation Ice JJ Fish is currently in police custody on charges of indecent exposure.

Apparently after a couple to many drinks in a down town Atlanta Male Strip club Ice JJ Fish lost all self control when Beyoncé’s hit song “Drunk In Love” started playing and he reportedly lost his cool.

According to a eye witness Ice JJ Fish started to to get to touchy feely with one of the gentleman dancers and was asked repeatedly to please keep his hands to himself. He refused and in a high pitch voice screamed “B!tch I’m Ice JJ Fish, I do what I want” and then threw his drink on the floor and at this point things really got out of hand.

Ice JJ Fish then jumped the stage first in what attempted to be in efforts to assault the dancer on stage who was forced to remove himself after Ice JJ Fish repeatedly reached for his genitals. After several failed hand gestures he started to strip completely out of his clothes and attempted to then “surfboard” on another male dancer to Beyoncé’s smash hit.

He was finally forced off the stage in humiliating fashion by Atlanta police officers who tackled him with sheets and then cuffed the Internet sensation.

Ice JJ Fish is currently being held on bail and for indecent exposure and potential sexual assault charges.

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