Power Ranking: Most Hated People By Huzlers.com

1. Donald Trump (U.S. President)

The president of the United States tops our list this time. Still receiving constant amounts of hate and criticism. Actions Include name calling countries “sh*tholes” and ongoing feud with Kim Jong-Un

2. Tom Brady (NFL Player)

Known as “The GOAT” by many, but probably hated by more simply because the man is too good. Brady has won 5 Super Bowls with the NE Patriots and his on his way to his 6th. Also hated for allegedly being a cheater.

3. Alessia Cara (Singer)

Surprise, surprise. Alessia Cara made our list after she won the Grammy award for Best New Artist over Khalid, SZA, Lil Uzi, and Julia Michaels. Strange since Alessia Cara’s debut album was released in 2015. Hmmm, thief?

4. Kim Kardashian (Not Sure tbh)

*sigh* Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy, just can’t stay away from hate for too long. She was doing well until she recently decided to get braids, something thousands of black people were very mad about. Cultural appropriation or no?

5. Larry Nassar (Doctor/Physician)

Larry Nassar was the Doctor for the USA gymnastics team until he was convicted and sentenced to die in prison for sexually abusing multiple underage Olympic athletes.

6. 6ix9ine (Rapper)

Aka Tekashi69. Known for his strange appearance including rainbow hair, face tattoos, and rainbow grillz. Hated by many for his style of rap but mostly, for the current allegations of him being a sexual predator.

7. Logan Paul (YouTube Star)

We pray that Logan Paul is off for February’s list, but we’re not counting on it. The man literally uploaded a video of a suicide corpse on YouTube to millions of his subscribers. Also caused quite a scene in the streets of Japan as he broke laws, disrespected citizens and Japanese culture all on camera.

8. Russ (Rapper)

Hated for apparently attacking rappers who died of drug overdoses and drug culture. Not only that but also for trying too hard to be “woke” or different to the point where you can’t stop cringing. Not necessarily hated for his music.

9. Cardi B (Rapper)

Very beautiful but also annoying to many people. Many hate her for her obnoxious, ghetto attitude and online videos where she can be found yelling constantly. Too tired to go to work or school? Watch a Cardi B video and you’ll be wide awake.

10. Woahh Vicky (We Don’t Know)

Vicky is a girl who has received large amounts of online attention and followers for claiming to be black, while being clearly white. She can basically be said to be a copy of Bhad Bhabie.

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