“#HurtBae” Couple Reportedly Back Together Despite F*cked Up Past Relationship

Becoming perhaps the most hated man on earth for a few weeks thanks to The Scene’s viral video known as “#HurtBae“. A former couple is put on the spotlight with their failed relationship. The video consists of Kourtney Jorge asking her former partner a series of questions, including why he cheated on her, how many women did he cheat on her with, etc. The video went extremely viral on social media platforms, with people outraged about the mans unfaithfulness to Kourtney.
However, as bad as the relationship seemed during the entire videos. It is being reported that the couple are back together. Yes, that’s right, after being cheated on and hurt multiple times, Koutney took her ex-boyfriend back for the umpteenth time. Giving a spark of hope to all the unfaithful men out there that no matter what you do, she’ll take you back. Do we smell a “#HurtBae 2” coming along in the near future?


Written by David Martinez

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