How to Preserve Freshness of CBD Flower

Have you had a hard day full of stress? Maybe you’re bothered by the sudden change of weather? Or you have an important meeting in a few hours, and you just need something to relax. In each of these cases, CBD helps. Having a dose of CBD at your fingertips whenever you need it is a much better option than running to the nearest dispensaries every time or waiting a few days for an online order to arrive.

That is why many CBD users are happy to buy and use hemp buds instead of other products. They provide pure therapeutic effects of cannabinoids without additives. You can use them in many ways that are described on this website. Plus, you can choose any strain you want or even make your own blend.

CBD-rich hemp flowers are available fresh or dried. You can get them as buds or ground coarsely or finely, depending on your preferences and planned use. But if you want to buy a larger quantity and thus have stocks for rainy days, you should store them according to the instructions.

Decarboxylation Is a Must

Storing your beautiful CBD flowers is a critical process. You want to keep them fresh and vibrant to preserve their fragrance and therapeutic effects for as long as possible. These goods are not cheap, so buying large amounts that will rot in your kitchen cabinet is not the best deal. But proper storage will protect your ‘investment’ for a while.

You can buy raw flowers and dry them as needed, but keep in mind that they can’t stay fresh for a long time. You probably have to use them on the same day. So it’s better to buy dried flowers. Or you can decarb raw ones and thus prepare them for storage. 

The temperature for decarboxylation mustn’t be over 250 Fahrenheit. Preheat the oven, and place buds on a cookie sheet. Leave some space between them to let the heat reach all trichomes and thus activate CBD and terpenes. Bake your grounded buds for about an hour or until they turn brown. 

Let the buds cool down before placing them in a jar. They should be dry to the touch, but they shouldn’t fall apart. That’s a clear sign you overbake them. Over-baked hemp irretrievably loses volatile terpene oils, aroma, and part of its effectiveness. 

Use Glass Jars

There are different types of storage containers for CBD buds available. But typically, they should be made of opaque glass to keep the freshness of the flowers and protect them from stressors like light and heat. If you keep them in the glass jars, make sure you label them with a date and strain type.

Choose jars with wide openings and closures that fit well. That will make it easier for you to put your precious buds inside and take them out when you need them. Wide openings will help keep the hemp flowers from breaking. When buds are broken or damaged, their terpenes evaporate, and CBD breaks down.

You need a storage container for these purposes only. After emptying it, a jar should be properly cleaned and dried well before reuse. Buds could drop some resin, which can spoil if it stays long and thus ruins the next stash. Isopropyl alcohol will remove resinous deposits. Finally, wash the jar with soap and hot water and leave it to dry completely.

Colored glass jars keep your flowers away from heat and light. But that doesn’t mean you can keep them everywhere. Place them away from the direct sunlight, heat, and any other light source. You don’t want your buds to dry out. You need to keep them in cool, dark, and dry places. That will keep them alive and preserve their aroma fresh and great. 

A basement or attic are not the best places, as they can be vet and moldy. The kitchen or bathroom won’t work either, as these rooms can have high moisture levels. Temperatures in these rooms are not stable either. Instead, if you have a pantry or an upstairs area that you keep dry, these are perfect places to store your buds. 

The high temperatures and moisture can dry out your buds quickly. You don’t want your precious flowers to become moldy. If you have a humidifier or dehumidifier, turn them on to keep the room moisture at about 60 percent. That will keep your flowers fresh.

No Freezing

For long-term storage of hemp buds, the temperature should be as cold as possible. You can keep them in the fridge for a few days, but provided you don’t open the jar often. That will prevent moisture from entering and the appearance of mold. However, deep retention is not recommended even for longer storage. Frozen buds will retain their shape but will lose their aroma and healing properties.

No Zip-Lock Bags

As seen on, many manufacturers pack their buds in zip-lock plastic or paper bags, but neither is suitable for longer storage. Plastic contains chemicals that can damage the quality of your buds. Paper bags can decompose if the flowers start to drop resin. So, as soon as you buy these goods, transfer them to a suitable storage container.

It’s best to use fresh hemp flowers to feel their full potential. But it’s good to have certain emergency supplies just in case. Proper storage will save you disappointment if you find spoiled buds.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes