H&M To Release “Equally Racist” Collection As Apology To Blacks (See Collection)

SWEDEN – After H&M faced huge controversy for putting an African American boy to model a hoodie which read “Coolest monkey in the jungle”, It is being reported that H&M is planning on releasing a new collection that according to chairman Stefan Persson, is “equally racist to all the other races”. The collection will be called the “You’re Not Alone” collection.

Stefan told reporters that the monkey hoodie was mostly being criticized by black people, so they decided to work on a collection that is racist to not only blacks, but also Hispanics, Whites, west Asians, and east Asians. Check out the collection so far below:

“It was never our intention to offend blacks, I have black friends” said collection designer David Enrique, “but since blacks were offended we have to keep it equal and offend everyone. We think blacks will be happy with this equally racist collection.”

H&M is expected to release the collection sometime in February, will you be shopping? Subscribe to Huzlers.com below for regular news and our upcoming list of most hated people of January!

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Written by David Martinez

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