Due To Government Shutdown W-2 Forms And Tax Returns Won’t Be Filed This Year

It’s tax filing season but you might not get a tax return all year. The federal government is shut down after a debate over immigration got in the way of Congress passing a spending deal. So how will this affect your tax returns and refunds? This simply means your employer is not required to send out any W-2 forms cancelling all types of tax return.

Tax season is when most American receive a large portion of their money in whole but due to the government shutdown millions won’t receive that very anticipated check that some American depend on. We talked to Marcus Brown outside the tax office who was very dissatisfied he told us “I planned on getting 28’s and a sound system for my ride.” other protesters outside the IRS building were also shouting at IRS employees but it’s not the IRS who is to blame but the government.

Oactavio who was also protesting early morning said he claimed all 8 of his kids and was expecting to use the $10,000 to buy some “work” to flip his baby mother was there to fully support him.

However the IRS will continue some operations in the short term. Some examples: appeals, civil and criminal cases, criminal investigations, and some technical work to make sure computer systems remain up and running.

But depending on how long the shutdown lasts, there could be some problems.

This doesn’t affect taxpayers unless the shutdown drags on. Although the IRS considers tax filing season to run between January 1 and April 30.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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