Girlfriend Kills Her Boyfriend For Posting His #WCW On Instgram!


Houston,Tx – 24-year-old Michael Williams was killed by his sweetheart on Wednesday morning after he posted a picture on Instagram of his “Woman Crush Wednesday” which is known as the prevalent hashtag “#WCW” or “#WomanCrushWednesday” which trends on Instagram each Wednesday. Michael Williams was cut to death by his better half, Laquanda Jones, age 24, while he was resting in their condo they both shared.

Companions of the two say that they never demonstrated any outer relationship issues and appeared to be extremely content with one another. As stated by a nearby friend of the couple, there was no roughness between the two; however, they had common disagreements that most couples experience.

At the time when the police conferred at the crime scene, Michael was already dead in their bed, lying in a “pool of blood” with his iPhone still in his grasp. Laquanda was found by the police in the bathtub face down with her hands behind her back, sitting tight and waiting for the police to capture her. Michael’s closest companion since middle school put forth an open expression saying “I was messaging my boy Michael when he sent me the imessage of the young lady he was going to post on his Instgram as his Woman Crush. It was a chick he talked to before it is possible he got nudes from her however she didn’t even live in our State. I can’t comprehend why Laquanda might murder him over posting a pic on IG.”

Facebook companions of Michael likewise specified that Laquanda had self-confidence issues on the grounds that she is dark skinned and marginally overweight and that Michael had a post on his Instagram Bio and Facebook status which read, “I Love a Bad A** Red Bone”. On the off chance that discovered blameworthy, Laquanda will be accused of first-degree homicide and may serve life in jail.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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