Florida’s “Neck Guy” Arrested Again Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Decrease Neck Size And Removes Tattoos

FLORIDA – The viral sensation was arrested in Pensacola, FL Tuesday but isn’t facing any new charges. Instead, his bond was revoked in a previous case. We’re not sure why the judge made this call at this point, but it looks like Neck will have to sit in a cell ’til it gets sorted out.. According to reports, Charles could not handle the jokes and decided to surgically decrease the size of his neck with the permission of a judge.

According to reports, Charles Dion Mcdowell reportedly begged the judge to allow him to undergo plastic surgery to make his neck “normal”, the judge reportedly felt “so bad” for Charles that permission was granted. “How could i say no” said Judge John Joyce, “the man looked like Bane from Batman”.

Charles Dion Mcdowell emerged a new man, with his neck drastically smaller than before. Florida police retook his mugshot as his appearance underwent a noticeable change. Charles then got what remained of his neck tattoo removed, as a large portion of it was removed during surgery along with neck tissue and skin.

Charles is currently out on bond but a new mugshot had to be taken to update police records.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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