Florida Woman Divorces Husband When She Found Out He Wasn’t 6 Feet Tall But Rather 5’11”

FLORIDA – A Florida woman has reportedly divorced her husband of 5 years after finding out that he wasn’t 6′ feet tall like he had always said, but rather 5’11”.

Jennifer Wheaton, 29, allegedly divorced her husband for “not be tall enough”, yet they’ve been in love for the last 5 years. “I love, he’s a hardworking businessman and a great father to our 2 children but i can’t be married to a man that isn’t 6 feet tall”, said Jennifer, “i only married him for 5 years because i thought he was 6 feet this whole time, but i found out he was actually 5’11”, i can’t have other girls laugh at me, i had to leave”.

Because Jennifer’s ex-husband was a successful businessman in the Miami area, the divorce court awarded Jennifer a $1 Million divorce payout.

Jennifer also told reporters she is now looking for a new partner but that he has to be at least exactly 6 feet tall. “I don’t care if he’s ugly, a bum, or a felon or anything like that, if he’s 6 feet we can make it work”. Is Jennifer wrong for divorcing her husband or does she have a point? Let us know in the comment section below.

Written by David Martinez


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