Florida Man Stabs His Best Friend For “Liking” His Memes Instead Of Reacting With “Haha”

19-year old Martin Buggs was arrested yesterday after allegedly killing his best friend, Jacob Cockburn, after a 3-hour argument. The incident happened in Miami, when Martin and Jacob were arguing about Facebook reactions. According to Martin himself, Jacob “refused to use the ‘haha’ react for good memes”, because he thought that the like button was more than enough.

Martin shares memes every day on Facebook and he also tags his friends. He expects a “haha” react if the meme made them laugh, but Jacob refused to give him what he wanted. After a 3-hour argument, things heated up and Martin stabbed his so-called “best friend” 3 times in the chest. A neighbor called the police because they were making too much noise and he (the neighbor) was playing Fortnite.

The police came to the scene and arrested Martin. Jacob was rushed to hospital and is slowly getting better.

Martin is facing charges for attempting to murder Jacob, and won’t be allowed to use his phone in prison to see any memes. “Jacob promised me that if I ever go to prison he would visit me to show me memes. I hope he does that”, Martin said.

Although not all cases end up in murder, the number of friendships being broken because people refuse to use the “haha” react is constantly increasing. Some people have old phones and they can’t use anything more than a “like”, but this pisses off people who make an effort to bring them the best memes.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes