Florida Man Stabs Friend For Saying PUBG Is Better Than Fortnite

JACKSONVILLE – A florida man has been arrested for reportedly stabbing his friend for saying “PUBG is better than Fortnite”.

Andrew Lee, 19, reportedly stabbed his friend David Owen, 20, twice for saying PUBG was better than his favorite game—fortnite. David survived the attack and is currently being treated in the E.R. According to David, him and Andrew were playing Fortnite when David lost, he then said “This is why PUBG is better”, at which point they both began arguing before it ended by Andrew Stabbing David. “He still my homie” said David, “he just retarded, he can’t help it”

“Yeah well he didn’t have to say PUBG was better than Fortnite because it’s not” said Officer Bill Miller, “Dumbass had it coming if you ask me”.

If found guilty, Andrew can serve up to a minimum 10 years in Prison for attempted murder in the second degree. David is expected to survive and be out of the hospital in a few weeks.


Written by David Martinez


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