Florida Man Accidentally Burns Home Down After Lighting Nike Shoes On Fire In Protest Of Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad

FLORIDA – A Florida man has been arrested after he reportedly accidentally burned his home down by attempting to burn a pair of Nike sneakers in protest of their latest Colom Kaepernick Ad.

According to authorities, Jason Helms, 26, placed a pair of Nike sneakers in his garage and soaked them in Kerosene before lighting them on fire. The fire ended up spreading to the the garage walls and ceiling before spreading to his actual home. All in protest against Nike, who recently made an Ad featuring controversial NFL star Colin Kaepernick and reading: “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything… Just do it”. “Don’t burn your Nike gear” says police officer Don Greestien, “just send them over to me”.

Jason Helms also has a history of race related crimes in the past and is now being charged with Arson and reckless endangerment and can face up to a few years in prison.


Written by David Martinez


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