Fetty Wap Loses Second Eye In Motorcycle Accident; Didn't See Car Coming His Way

 PATERSON, NJ – After being involved in a motorcycle accident in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey, Paramedics have confirmed that Fetty Wap lost his second eye in the accident, and is now, according to medics, “Helen Keller Blind”.

According to a witness, Fetty Wap was riding his motorcycle while he attempted to pass another vehicle, he didn’t see the other vehicle coming his way in the other direction and they collided. “A car came on the right side, but I don’t know how Fetty Wap didn’t see the car coming his way. That’s what he gets for driving with one eye” says eyewitness Taylor Smith. 

The collision was pretty serious, according to paramedics who arrived on the scene. Upon being rushed to hospital, medics realized Fetty Wap was very close to losing his right eye vision and attempted to save his one and only eye, however, could not. Unfortunately, Fetty Wap is now permanently blind.

“Man this sh*t crazy” says Glen Hester, a Fetty Wap fan, “If this n*gga blind, then how he gonna make them hits? How he gonna see sh*t coming his way This n*gga better become daredevil or some sh*t, cause we want that good music”. Losing his second eye can be a hard obstacle to come over, especially for such a popular musician like Fetty Wap. The real question is: Will Fetty Wap continue to make music?

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